About Us

Skill training centres of Marg India has a competitive team with excellence in implementing large scale skill development programs. This skill training focuses on people with minimum educational qualification (class VII and above) with no skills and employability. They are trained for 3-4 months, in the trade, based on their aptitude and would be prepared for entry level jobs. Here, the focus is on subject specific content delivery, practical sessions, on the job training and development of soft skills. It would also include linking them to employers for apprenticeship or on the job training. Salient features of skill training programs of Marg India include:

  • Coverage on more than 40000+ unemployed youth from marginalised sections of society
    • Focus on new and emerging sectors like IT enabled services, customer relations management, sales and marketing, bed side nursing, automobile repairs etc
    • Focus on soft skills with in addition to technical skills
    • Short term, 2-4 month courses.